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August 31, 2010


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Steven Nekava

Great example of VMware SIOC and EMC FAST. I was looking for the high res downloads but the links dont seem to be posted :(

Andrew Fidel

So if the SIOC is applied at the VM level how do you place a limit on the vmkernel? By far the heaviest hitter on my san is svmotion, it will generate tens of thousands of IOPS. Since my spindles are all shared I'd rather have slower svmotion and better responsiveness and ideally I could do it before the response time degrades.

Curtis Weldon

I was under the impression that EMC FAST is not support yet under VS4.1. Is that a correct statement or has that changed?

Chad Sakac

@Curtis - that's a common misunderstanding. SIOC is fully supported on arrays that auto-tier (EMC, Dell/EqualLogic, 3PAR, Compellent).

I believe the source of the misunderstanding was early pre-vSphere 4.1 training that incorrectly stated that SIOC wouldn't be supported with Auto-Tiering. This position was corrected before GA based on VMware testing with the vendors that support this storage feature.

In fact, I've heard it so often, that I wrote a blog post about it here: http://virtualgeek.typepad.com/virtual_geek/2010/07/vsphere-41-sioc-and-array-auto-tiering.html

The VMware team has authored a good whitepaper that covers the congestion threshold setting values here: http://www.vmware.com/files/pdf/techpaper/VMW-vSphere41-SIOC.pdf

EMC's recommendation for auto-tiered datastores is to keep the value at the default (30ms)

@Andrew - I hear you. SVMotion can saturate storage networks and storage arrays. Good news is that VAAI resolves the first part of that (offloading the bulk of the network load) when the source and target arrays are the same (but different datastores). We are working on throttling techniques for svmotion.

@steven - the high rez videos are now posted.

christoph Henzen


The high resolution demos are not accessible.

Chad Sakac

@chris - thanks for noticing! The links should be corrected now... have fun!

christoph Henzen

Thanks Chad, all ok now.


Hi Chad,
do you have any information about SIOC together with PowerPath/VE. Are there any recomendation's about how to setup or if this is supported at all?

I could find any information in the E-Lab Nav or on powerlink.

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