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July 13, 2010


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Duane Haas

Chad, would you happen to know what makes the NS502 not make the official list of supported arrays? I've been running it in production for awhile, and although it hasn't become an issue with vsphere, i am flooded with messages in the log about unsupported array.

Chad Sakac

Hmm - the NS500 did make the list of officially supported array Duane - it's on the VMware HCL.

Can you drop me an email, and I suggest opening a case - 1-800-SVC-4-EMC, that way we have a case to work from.

PJ Spagnolatti

Chad, thanx a lot for the transparency, very precious info. I suggest you add Recoverpoint to the list.

Chuck Hollis

Transparency is good -- thanks!

-- Chuck

Dave Hulme

Chad, do you know if there are any plans to have/add VAAI support for the DMX4 family of Symmetrix?

Thanks in advance....

Robert Samples

any support for the Celerra NX4? i'm really starting to feel like a red headed step child of EMC's....

:( I just purchased 2 arrays Nov 09, and one of the reasons was tight EMC partnership with VMware.

to see all these new goodies coming down the line, only to be left in the cold...

is very disapointing.

Duane Haas

Thanks Chad, and your right, it does show its compatible, I was filtering on NAS, and if you do that and select Vsphere 4 it does not display:


Thanks, after removing filter it does show up ok. This is the specific message that vmkernel log shows:

Jul 14 20:42:25 mi-mke-imcesx1 vmkernel: 68:08:55:02.357 cpu0:25521)ScsiScan: 105: Path 'vmhba32:C1:T0:L0': Peripheral qualifier 0x1 not supported
Jul 14 20:42:25 mi-mke-imcesx1 vmkernel: 68:08:55:02.357 cpu0:25521)ScsiScan: 843: Path 'vmhba32:C1:T2:L0': Vendor: 'EMC ' Model: 'Celerra ' Rev: '0002'
Jul 14 20:42:25 mi-mke-imcesx1 vmkernel: 68:08:55:02.357 cpu0:25521)ScsiScan: 846: Path 'vmhba32:C1:T2:L0': Type: 0x0, ANSI rev: 5, TPGS: 0 (none)
Jul 14 20:42:25 mi-mke-imcesx1 vmkernel: 68:08:55:02.357 cpu0:25521)ScsiScan: 105: Path 'vmhba32:C1:T2:L0': Peripheral qualifier 0x1 not supported


@ Robert Samples

The NX4 is supported in Vsphere 4.1 for NAS (nfs), iSCSI and FC. Check Duane's link above.

As well the NFS plugin works with the NX4 and Vsphere 4.0. From Chad post above it looks like it will be ready for 4.1 in Q3. Can't wait!

Most IT admins don't install these updates in production on day 1 anyways. The time lines above are completely acceptable.



It would be great to have a test platform for Unified Storage and vSphere 4.1. ;) Chad do you have a version of the VSA with Flare 30 in it for this purpose?

Chad Sakac

@Duane - what version of DART do you have running? That error will get thrown if it's prior to DART 5.6. Do you have an open case #?

@CC - it will be a bit longer, but we're working away on your dream ask...

@Dave - VAAI support in Symmetrix will be VMAX only.

@Robert - I'll check on the plans for the AX4 that's in the NX4, but I don't think block VAAI is in the works there. Good news for you that comes from being an EMC customer:

1) You have platform support day 1.
2) Shortly, the EMC plugins that integrate with vCenter will be updated - you will be happy, and they work with your NX4.
3) I'm 99% sure that the work underway now for "future vSphere releases" (BTW - I **have** to say it that way) around NAS VAAI will work on your NX4. Will ensure that is the case.

In that price band - there's nothing out there that matches the NX4.

Thank you for being a VMware and EMC customer, we treasure every one!

Ryan Russell

Very pleased with the ESX 4.1 performance tweaks for NFS. Working well with my NS42 and NS480 that I use with ESX via NFS.

Craig Waters

When can we expect an update on Avamar?

Robert Samples

Chad thanks for the replies: thats good to hear. I purchased the NX4 for NFS backend, but had some performance issues so we went iscsi. after some limited testing with vsphere 4.1 and VDR 1.2, my NFS performance is much better, i may switch my Citrix VM's to NFS and see if the lock issues have been addressed. If that's the case. Would greatly ease my implementation. iscsi performs great, but there are lots of layers. looking forward to the vcenter vi-client plug-ins. and nfs improvements.

John Wininger

Chad, are the current versions of the site recovery manager SRAs for Symmetrix SRDF and Clariion MirrorView supported on vSphere 4.1?

Carlos Capellan

Hi Chad,

We are setting up a CX4 SAN and EMC is telling us that 4.1 is NOT supported. When we point them to the vmware HCL they say they do not work off that. What gives?



Any update on PowerPath/VE 5.4.2 release date?

Chad Sakac

@JeffS - great news - PowerPath 5.4 SP2 GAed on 9/10. Blog post going up on Monday....

Thanks for being a customer!

Chad Sakac

@John - All the EMC SRAs are fully supported with SRM 4.1

Thansk for being a customer!

@Carlos - the EMC eLab folks are the ones that actually make the submissions to the VMware HCL folks, so beside the lag (eLab updates monthly as it is much larger, VMware HCL updates weekly), they are ALWAYS in lockstep. The EMC "process" is to always check with eLab (which is good thing for you), but that means that sometimes that little lag results in a snafu. The snafu is MUCH better than deploying something that hasn't been tested.

That said, you've clearly run into a snafu. If you're still stuck, please email me, include your EMC contacts, and I will "unstick it".

Thanks for being a customer!

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