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July 01, 2010


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greg roody

I think EMC did the right thing here. I never viewed AtmosOnline as anything more than a proof of concept,and while the Atmos partners I've dealt with never seemed to be threatened by it, it's probably best that the ambiguity is removed.

Competitors will always be looking for reasons to throw mud. It's kind of fun to watch sometimes, as long as I'm not the person wearing brown. ;)

Jeramiah Dooley

I agree with Greg. I don't know that it was ever an issue, but it was certainly a delicate discussion at times, and the less ambiguity the better.

Along these same lines, how does Mozy play into this discussion? I don't know that the same issue as Atmos exactly, but talking to service providers about IP-based backup-as-a-service when Mozy is doing much the same thing has also been a challenge, and one that hits far closer to home than cloud storage.


Chad, Good summary on this and the world of Atmos.

marc farley

Chad, and the previous comment was weird too. I assume its spam, and am afraid to click the link with the poster's name. I doubt anybody would give you grief if you removed it.

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