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June 13, 2010


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EMC Virtual Storage Integrator plug-in doesn't work with this update.

Chad Sakac

@Philzyk - thanks the comment. We're on it (were on it before the u2 release, but didn't get it done in time), there will be a VSI update very shortly that fixes the issue.

FYI, we're also working to try to make sure that architecturally, we don't get into this pattern (each major vCenter update breaking the plugins) by making the APIs a bit more stable.


Thanks for the heads-up re the EMC plug-in! I'll now hold off on VC4 U2 until the update.

Account Deleted

Great news about most helpful plug-in.
As far as i know Vsphere 4.1 soon will be available ;-)
Please, test this plug-in before release.

Also, new update added stability to vimotion and eliminated glitches with frozen VM's due to video driver in windows 7 & Windows 2008R2.

And the most interesting is that i engaged FT (only for 32bit VM's ) on E5345 Intel processors. Surely, it is not supported configuration. All you need is to follow this article - http://vinf.net/2009/06/07/vsphere-cannot-enable-ft-for-a-nested-vm/


Still no support for installing vCenter, SRM and UM on Windows 2008 Server R2. Killing me! I've been holding out to upgrade to a 64-bit platform but at this rate I might as well move forward. I know it will run on R2 but I'm sure that would be the first thing support would point out if I called.

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