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June 30, 2010


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Great work, is there no end to the EMC / VMware integration. I hope not, will be checking out the new unified block plugin tomorrow I think.

Chad Sakac

@VirtualProUk - wait till you see what's next :-)

Krzysztof Ciepłucha

You suggested that the plugins will work with any kind of EMC array, "old ones, new ones"... but the Read Me First document for CLARiiON Plug-in says that FLARE 29 is required, which in turn is not available for old CLARiiONs (CX3 and older). Could you clarify this?

Glenn Anders

Any idea when VSI will be available for vSphere 4.1? I have upgraded already and the existing VSI will not install on 4.1

Dan Lah

The version supporting 4.1 was posted to Powerlink on July 28.

Darryl Hadfield

Pardon the intrusion - Will this work for the EMC Celerra VSA? I would presume so, but figure it's worth asking...

Greg Matuskovic

Chad, when you say requires Solutions Enabler can we simply install the solutions enabler for x64 windows on the vCenter 4.1 box or do you need the virtual applicance still?

Greg Matuskovic

Sorry, forgot to say when using VSI can you simply load solutions enabler for Windows x64on the vCenter 4.1 box or do you still need the virtual appliance?

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