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June 02, 2010


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Thanks Chad for posting.

This is a great post and I hope folks dig in and try this one out, they won't be disappointed.

It was a pleasure to work on this project with my pals from Cork -- Ken Gould and Steve Hegarty (incidentally, Steve who was actually responsible for the document and invaluable throughout the entire process).

And of course without the support of folks from the RecoverPoint Marketing and Development/QA teams (Rick W, Sharon Almog, Efri Nattel-Shay), none of this would be possible. They have a great product, was fun to virtualize this one, even though many said it couldn't be done.

As Pat G once told me -- never tell an engineer it can't be done, because they hey will work extra hard to prove you wrong!


Ken Gould

Thanks for the mention folks. It was a great project to be part of and a total team effort from start to finish.

Though creating the video and adding the voice over was a challenge. Nothing like hearing my own dulcet tones on those voiceovers to make me cringe!

Dibs on the document half next time around Steve!

Phillip Reynolds

Chad -- a month ago I asked our EMC support tech in the area to upgrade my RPA on 3.2 to 3.3. I put in support ticket and everything; scheduled install for tomorrow, 6/4. Was told on 6/2 that 3.3 is not general release and he is not allowed to install it. This comes from his EMC Field Supervisor.

Any advice?

Aran Hoffmann

One of the changes to RecoverPoint access on Powerlink is that customers no longer have access to the ISOs so this is a EMC or partner option only (unless you can get your local CE to get you the ISO ;-) ).

This was a recent change as I used to be able to download all the ISOs myself in preparation for a code upgrade (we have been replicating TBs of SQL datbases since 2007 with RP).

Dave Gavin

Philip Reynolds. I am a Support Manager for RecoverPoint at EMC. Would you be willing to contact me offkine to review this? I would like to review the Service Request and head off any further confusion. 3.3 has been GA since March and there should not be anyone "not allowed" to install it once the request has gone through EMC Change Control

Dave Gavin
Sr. Manager
VPLEX and RecoverPoint Support
EMC Corporation

Matt Taylor

Chad, this is really awesome! I just passed the RecoverPoint Data Replication and Recovery exam this week and I love working with the product. We have physical RPAs in one of our labs but this will be extremely helpful as we can break it down and rebuild it much easier. I look forward to trying it out, thanks to everyone for their work on this.

Dave Gavin

All, I have spoken to Phillip Reynolds. Thank you for the quick response Phillip. We have gotten to the bottom of a miscommunication issue internally at EMC that led to the mistaken belief we could not install RP 3.3.

As I stated previously, 3.3 is GA. It is available for all new installs and also for upgrades once Change Control approval has been completed.

Dave Gavin
Sr. Manager
VPLEX and RecoverPoint Support
EMC Corporation

Rick Walsworth

Folks - We've taken a number of questions on this topic and clearly there is excitement, which is a good thing, but I wanted to post a quick clarification on the topic of support for the Virtual RPA.

When presented at EMC World, it was clearly stated that while the lab testing was very promising, this is not a EMC Support Matrix (ESM) supported configuration and under no circumstances should this be run in production environments.

There is an active work stream and project to understand the requirements and case for making this a supported configuration, but until this work is completed and this configuration is on the ESM, this remains unsupported (lab environments only).

Thanks, Rick Walsworth


Recoverpoint is something that we are currently considering for implementation next year. If there was an opportunity for us to conduct a trial / Proof of concept with some form of virtual appliance then we would jump at the chance.

What isn't clear in the article is whether this is another of EMC's free virtual appliances for non-production usage.

Can anyone clarify the situation?

Matt Taylor

VirtualPro, from what I understand this is only designed to be implemented in a lab environment and used for learning and demonstration. I would not recommend interfacing this as a POC in a production environment which could potentially impact production data.


Thanks Matt, I do fully understand that it's use is Lab only. Rest assured something that hasn't been through basic trial, POC + full system testing ain't going anywhere near my production environment.

Chad, I've been to the powerlink page shown in your article, however it has in big letters across the top

"RecoverPoint software requires direct assistance from EMC for installations or upgrades. Please contact your local service representative if you require further assistance"

Is this a freely available virtual appliance like the Celerra and FMA?


This is what I was referring to in my comment. The RecoverPoint ISO image which is required for building the vRPA is no longer accessible to customers. I am a registered RecoverPoint user and recently the access on Powerlink changed and I am no longer able to download the RecoverPoint ISO image.

So this looks like it can only be deployed by a partner or EMC personnel.

Rik Guyler

I'm an EMC partner and don't have access to the ISOs either. I've been wanting to setup an RP testing area within our VMware lab so we can use as a training tool and customer demo of the interface and functionality but no ISOs equals no lab.


Hi Chad

The HOWTO PDF link is broken. Could you please update the link?

Thank you


Where can I download the HOW-To guide and the videos, the links are no longer available?


Burnaby Appliance Repair

Most of us do not take the time to understand the operation of our instruments, we rush in and call someone in need of repair. To avoid an embarrassing and unnecessary costs, make sure to have everything connected and plugged in. It may sound silly, but it happens. Then find out if you have a warranty on the unit. If yes, you read it carefully.


Something to understand when you’re reading the doc. RecoverPoint creates a copy of every IO as it travels from the host to the target and stores this in a journal, There is an active work stream and project to understand the requirements and case for making this a supported configuration.

Charles A. Windom Sr.

Can't download the .pdf from behind the VMware firewall. Also I get the following message when trying to download the .ISO from my Powerlink account,

"RecoverPoint software requires direct assistance from EMC for installations or upgrades. Please contact your local service representative if you require further assistance.

There is no item available."


Thanks a Ton , you guys are great . Please keep posting such demos and videos


Hi Guys,,
I have managed to download Recoverpoint 3.5 ISO. I wanted to know has anybody tried using 3.5 . Also the hardware pre-requisites are they still applicable for version 3.5

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