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June 03, 2010


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way cool :) thnx

Mark Burgess

Hi Chad,

Where can you get the best practice guide from?

There is no link on the image above and I have searched on PowerLink and it does not appear to be there.

Many thanks


excellent info

Frank Murphy


The Best Practice was posted here a few weeks back down this path:

Home > Support > Technical Documentation and Advisories > Software ~ A-B ~ Documentation > Atmos > General Reference

You can reach it by either of these links:




While you're there, I recommend a great companion read in the Atmos Web Services Best Practices paper.

It covers some of the points mentioned above around using the API to directly influence the behavior of the underlying storage infrastructure, and the concepts are what's implemented under the hood in many of the apps and integrations available today.

The API is substantially the same whether you're coding to the reference architecture at www.atmosonline.com or your own Virtual Edition instance or to Atmos cabinets deployed in a Private Cloud, or to any of the Service Providers implementing Atmos in their services.

Web Services BP is here:

or here:



If you really want to go down the rabbit hole, check out the code snippets, docs, sample apps, and other varied cool-ness that Aashish Patil and his team maintain over on the developer community page too:




What would you recommend when positioning EMC's value proposition for public cloud services, given AtmosOnline as a sales process has been terminated? Should we show prospects the AtmosOnline interface, and show value and gain mindshare with that method? Or does it make sense to engage directly with any of the cloud providers you listed in your blog?

Theron Conrey


A SUPER easy to install Atmos VM to install from a tiny ISO would be awesome. For non-prod use I would be super eager to get it! Downloading the AIAB now though.


Mark Burgess

Hi Guys,

Just to let you know the best practice guide on powerlink gives an access denied error.

This may explain why I am seeing very few Atmos documents on powerlink.

Best regards


Atmos no more (Chad, you're quoted in thereg)


Peter Goossens

Hello Chad,

I'm having trouble downloading the big VM-files from Atmos Online.
Multiple disconnects when downloading, corrupt files, etc...
Is there another way to download/share the files?

Best Regards,


Sho Funatsu

I'm also facing problems downloading the VM files...


Janakan Rajendran

Can Atmos VE do network RAID if I'm using a commodity hardware without RAID controller and install the VE on it?


Is there a ESXi version yet?

Burnaby Appliance Repair

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Brian Feeny

Chad, thanks for making this available. When I fire up Atmos and login as SysAdmin, the graphics box when you click Dashboard just shows "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage". Any ideas what that may be? I have accepted the certificate, added it to my trusted root cert store, also added everything as a trusted host, and I am using https://cos1-001/mgmt_login.

The issue is that in /usr/local/maui/gui/app/views/maui_admin/site_dashboard.html.erb the line that displays this is:


The ganglia_addr is set to be the same as the rms_addr earlier in the file:

And the RMS address is set to

Is there a way to "update" the atmos to tell it to use the public IP's on eth2 for the graph instead of the That network is isolated and so not available to the client browser when hitting the Atmos management web interface.

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