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May 10, 2010


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Cristi Romano

Well... I'm really really impressed!
My heart had beat faster while when I red this feed... one thing that happends very rare when I read about new IT toys.
When Geo/Global will come out, we'll beat Telecom Industry in roaming... we'll roam VDI with the customer. They'll roam only same lousy voice and data packets :-)
Btw, your slide from Sept 2009 with "Disaster Avoidance / Disaster Recovery" table... it doesn't stand still now. If we present a 3 DC scenario, where DC1 = vSphere Server (Management) and DC2/DC3 ESX clusters... you have them both avoidance and recovery in the same pack.

All the best,

PS: Love your feeds!


Excellent article with loads of information that feeds my need :-) Thanks! And keep it up.

Oh, and VPLEX FTW :-).


Are you positioning this for local data center storage virtualization as well? At least that's what I think VPlex Local as described would be for. Is there use studies around that as well for what could be classified as a SVC killer?


Interesting post and cool stuff, thanks Chad

Ian hill

Chad, your enthusiasm is contagious! :-) I found the article a good introduction to the new stuff EMC is coming out with. It appears to address many of the concerns we had trying to offer the organisation DR when really all we had to offer was DA (per your slide Disaster Recovery vs Disaster Avoidance). I think our engineers will be itching to get their hands on it!


great work!!!!


Awesome Stuff Chad.

Look forward to seeing it in the wild.

Nuno Fernandes

what's so exciting about this?! I have vMotion across DCs for over 1 year, and we even cross use storage across DCs on a complete VMware Cluster with couple of nodes on 1 site access actively site 2 and vice-versa all you need is a great/consistance link between Site A & B... PS - we have this running on VI3.5 / HP Blades & Storage and Cisco network Switches and YES! VMware ROCKS!!!!


Kudos to the people in Edmonton, Alberta. It's been a long, long, long road for those who've been part of this journey. EMC has now real competitive differentiation. It's hard to believe that so many were exposed to this disruptive technology and didn't realized its true potential. Good post and great work describing the value prop.


Why wait for the disaster to happen and then try to recover from it? VPLEX enables Disaster Preemption. Hurricane coming? Move all your workloads to a safe location!

Sean Clark

Even you techies distrustful of EMC (guilty) have to get a little giddy about this news. Just admint it! You know who you are. ;)

Chad, great post! You are the Steve Jobs of keynote blog posts. I haven't felt this excited about the future of computing since walking out of my virgin VMworld keynote in 2006.


Nice post Chad interesting stuff!

Am I correct in saying that the VMDK's never move?! (local and remote site point to the same SAN)

would that make the underlying storage a single point of failure? or does vplex sync the vmdk's to remote site?


Mike Laskowski

Now this is cool! THX Chad Awesome!

Thank You
Mike Laskowski

Sylvain Texier

Here is also an awesome article about VPlex at a glance :

Carl Humble

Are you guys considering the use of Opterons for a future release ov VPLEX?

Thanks for any info.

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