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May 10, 2010


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Yeah UIM is BOTH super-powerful and super-cool.

Good stuff.

Nick Triantos

UIM 2.0 looks really impressive. The only other automation tool i've seen was from HP (Matrix) which converges Compute, storage and network but the challenge with this type of integration is that it's dependent on all the layers. If one of these layers gets i.e upgraded the entire stack can easily break. In fact, from talking with an ex HP SW developer who was part of that project this was by far their biggest issue...and they controlled all 3 layers. How's EMC going to deal this given that although it integrates with does not control the Compute, nor the Networking layer?

The other question I have is with regards to end-to-end visibility from a fault isolation perspective. Clearly providing an abstraction layer and hiding the various complexities from the administrator is a good thing, but the tradeoff here is how does one deal with fault isolation? Even the slightest anomaly, will have an administrator "in the dark" given he has no idea not only as to how the system is provisioned not even where the storage is coming from? Same goes for compute and Network. So how is this addressed?


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