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May 12, 2010


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Benjamin Wiechman

Any idea when or if this fix will ever be ported to the AX4?


Does this mean I can configure my AX4-5i as Active / Active controller and I can do port binding / multipathing?


Chad Sakac

@Benjamin, @Hussain - unfortunately the fix won't make it to the AX family.

Dan Barr

Chad, I assume this fix was included in the base Flare 31 code for VNX? Is the recommended iSCSI configuration for VNX a single-VLAN approach? Thanks.

Chad Sakac

@Dan - yup, it's in the VNX OE (operating environment) code - the iSCSI configuration is simpler if you use the single-VLAN approach. There are RARE cases where the multi-subnet solution can be a good choice (if you're approaching the initiator count limits - which are high).

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