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May 22, 2010


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Ayala Adrian

Have a bit of experience with Rainfinity and it's been a bad one. Not just with the appliance but also EMC Support.

A few considerations are whether an application will be able to read back data that was archived, Adobe Frameworker being one that has issues.

The celerracallbackdaemon constantly failed on us and required that upgrade the FMA and our FMHA.

Kris Cornwall

Hi Adrian,
I'm a member of the File Management Appliance team. While I'm very disappointed to learn that you've had a problem with the product and also with our support services, I'm happy you commented on this post and would very much like the opportunity to help resolve it for you. If you can email me directly and provide some details on what version of FMA and DART you're using as well as the target storage in your environment, then I can work with our escalation engineering organization to get things working for you.

I look forward to hearing from you,
Kris Cornwall, FMA Product Marketing


Hi Kris,
We're currently running the latest code on our FMA and FMHA. We experienced these issues last year. I believe the issue with the version of Frameworker and file call back still stands and the resolution that support came back with is to upgrade to a new version.

The product is great, especially when you're archiving to the Centera.
I just think that our initial experience was great. I'd recommend it to anyone, but first they should try out this VM appliance.

Kris Cornwall

Thanks, Chad, for helping us spread the word about FMA/VE and the trial version download. Marcel's How To demos are excellent!

We've created a special site just to make the download files and associated documentation (installation instructions, FAQ, demos etc.) available. This site is also a great place for asking questions, having conversations about FMA/VE, getting the latest news, etc.




We went to hook this up to our Netapp but FMA seems to require a CIFS login to function even if we don't own the CIFS license for our Netapp?
(We are 100% NFS datastores via vFilers)
Why the (apparent) CIFS dependency?



Hi Chad

Kris and Engineering updated the trial FMA/VE version. The latest version FMA/VE 7.3.2 SP2 is now available for everyone at the FMA/VE Download site: https://community.emc.com/community/openexchange/fma-ve

The update brings DART 6 support. More info on http://powerlink.emc.com ( Home > Support > Technical Documentation and Advisories > Software ~ E-I ~ Documentation > File Management Appliance/VE > Release Notes)




the fmave download link is not available.



Not able to download the documentation. Also the video is not working fine.

fug u

Most links on this site fail. And this is not just today


Hi Guys, Much appreciate for your service and contribution to the community. I am trying to download the FMA VA and its asking for username/password for ftp.documentum.com. Can someone tell me how to download the two appliances

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