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May 11, 2010


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Your link to the document doesn't work. Says I got no permission.

Was I bad :).

More cool stuff.


I'll be trying the Celerra plugin soon - thanks for the heads-up!


Where can I get this plugins? I can' t find them


Another superbly detailed post and one that makes me glad to be a vSphere and EMC CLARiiON customer. Such tight integration is really starting to leave the rest trailing in EMC's wake.

I noticed that the PDF has a Powerlink location listed for the CLARiiON plugin but there is nothing in that location for CLARiiON, only the Celerra. I posted on the "everything VMware at EMC" community about it so hopefully someone has it sorted soon.


Ahhh, we can now finally use the hardware to accelerate VM deployments, would be nice when VMWare View uses this :)

Awesome news Chad!! We want more!!


An update on the CLARiiON plugin from EMC's EverythingVMware forum:
The plug-in for Clariion is not GA yet and hence its not available on Powerlink. It will be coming out soon, probably sometimes this quarter.
Best Regards
Ashok Bhojwani
Sr. vSpecialist | VMware Technical Alliance


Congrats for finally getting EMC storage integrated with vCenter. Seems identical to Netapp Virtual Storage Console (VSC), Rapid Cloning Utility (RCU) and MultiStore. Keep up the good work.


Hi Chad,

is there something similar in planning for Hyper-V/SCVMM?

Chad Sakac

@forsby, thanks, BTW, just to be clear - EMC released our vCenter plugin before VSC released. Second, as far as I know, NetApp has yet to integrate either filerview or NSM with the vCenter APIs (like we did with our array element manager - and also with Recoverpoint - early last year). Third - automated host registration between vSphere and the storage targets.

Those are several of a long list of things we did before NetApp when it comes to VMware integration. Of course, there are things they do before we do, but I want to set the record straight: its a case of leapfrog, each having different leads in different areas first, but no one (no storage vendor that's for sure) should throw stones - we all live in glass houses.

@timkos - thanks for the question - the answer is a firm YES. There is already a powershell cmlet set of tools, stay tuned working on SCVMM integration.

@thatfridgeguy - the CX team decided to take a couple extra weeks to make the "best effort support" turn into "supported like any other product" - will be out very, very shortly.


Where's support for Celerra iSCSI?!?! Is this just a "I gotta compete with Netapp" thing? Should I be moving to NFS datastores?


I have upgraded to Flare 30 which was a huge pain took 9 hours for the tech. Finally got Solutions Enabler and PowerPath setup with lack of good documentation. So now I can see my Celerra in vSphere. All of my storage is ISCSI. So how do you provision storage from vCenter for new Virtual Machines. What Component do I need.

I have the celerra plugin installed but its worthless because I dont have any NFS. I also have the virtual storage integrator installed.


I have a Celerra with ISCSI I tried installing the Clarrion Plugin but it said I needed Navisphere v29 running. We have flare 30 with Unisphere. How do I provision storage with the Celerra on ISCSI through vCenter?

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