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May 26, 2010


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I wish that Chicago's VMUG was more active with this type of meeting.

Vaughn Stewart

Chad - no problem on the image - I heavily borrowed your text in my mirror of your post on the NetApp side.


See you in June!


Would the owner of this blog please contact me?

Jeramiah Dooley

I'm up for any discussion that involves increasing the ability for VMware to be more geographically aware and functional. It's looking like I might get to actually hit this windmill at some point!

B. Riley

I would like to hear discussion from the experts on NetApp's comprehensive suite of features for VMWare, versus what EMC has to offer.

That's the position we're in right now, and we need all the info we can get.

Chad Sakac

@B. Riley - happy to discuss - see you there!

andrea skeel

Multiple openings in CHARLOTTE for candidates with strong VMWARE/VMSphere. One year contract. Please email me at Andrea.Skeel@Pinnale1.com.

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