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April 02, 2010


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Tom Miller

Any update when the SRA will work with the Celerra VSA? I have the latest version of the Celerra's replicating but the SRA 4.017 can not run a test plan with vSphere 4.01 update1 and SRM 4.01. Open thread in the VMware communities also about this issue.

Thanks for the hard work on the Celerra VSA - pretty awesome.

Itzik Reich

Hi Tom,
the latest Clerra SRA is 4.0.19 and it is compatible with the 5.6.48 DART and while your'e at it, check out the SRM-Celerra failback plugin, it's great!

Tom Miller

Just checked VMware's downloads for the Celerra SRA and it's still

EMC Celerra Storage Replication Adapter
Version 4.0.17 |Released 01/29/2010

I'd really love to get this working, Celerra VSA, vCenter 4.01 update1, vSphere 4.01 update1, SRM 4.01. My goal is to use this for customer demos.

Chad Sakac

@Itzik @Tom - the latest public SRA is indeed 4.0.17. Itzik is an emcer, and has acceess to the pre-release of 4.0.19.

I NEVER recommend using a pre-release SRA. Use the one at www.vmware.com.

Good news - the 4.0.19 was submitted some time ago to VMware, and should be live on their site this next week.

Tom - setup the Celerra VSAs with confidence, get them replicating. The updated SRA will be out very shortly.


*Topic Change* *Thread Derail*

NetApp has some disk alignment tools for ESX/vSphere (mbrscan/mbrtool).

Does EMC have similiar alignment tools? Or just use the regular alignment within a given OS (diskpar, etc?)

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