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April 02, 2010


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Awesome, going to try this one out after work. Thanks Chad.


Hello, i think that something is broken on the provided celerra vsa ova file(
When i'm trying to deploy it on my vsphere4 installation i get the following error: Line 48: unsupported hardware device 'virtualscsi'


Problem bypassed by using the workstation version of celerra vsa, and using the vmware converter to import it in vsphere4.

Chad Sakac

@Akops (and anyone) - the OVA works via direct import in the vSphere client's OVA/OVF import. But, your workaround with the Workstation build will work with Converter.

Tom Miller

Does the SRA work with this release? Great learning tool for SRM 4.01 and vSphere 4.01 update1 if we can get the SRA working.

Thanks for all the hard work!!

Chad Sakac

@Tom - the SRA works with this release, though a new Celerra Replicator SRA will finish it's VMware validation in days, and I would recommend that one (known issues fixed).

John Grinwis

Chad, any news about the 4.0.19 release of the SRA.
Just checked and latest available one is still the .17 release.

Charles Hockenbarger

Chad, any idea when a new VSA with Unisphere as the mgt interface might be released?

Paul Aviles

What is the difference between the Celerra VSA from EMC and the U ber version?


The ftp.documentum.com site seems to be down, is there an alternate download site ?


This file isn't available anymore




Where wan I get the file : EMC_Celerra_VSA_and_VMware_SRM-Complete_Setup_and_Configuration_Guide-Version_3.0.0.pdf

it seems to be unavailable on ftp.documentum.com

Thank you :)

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