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March 16, 2010


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Jason Boche

Scott Lowe is blogging or writing a book in that first picture. Might want to keep him on a short leash. :)


FYI: Justin Lauer was Memphis VMUG leader.

Chad Sakac

@Jason - he is tricky, that Scott :-)

Seriously, continuing his book writing (with no EMC editiorial control, except that he can't publish confidential or prioretary EMC info) is actually part of his job :-) Every vSpecialist has a super-power that we try to leverage (good for them, good for customers, good for EMC). In his case, good oversight of EMC's documentation for key docs (techbooks for example), and continuing to publish vendor-neutral books that people find useful - well, that's just goodness.

@ThatFridgeGuy - good catch, my error, spaced out as he moved to Chicago, and of course vendors cannot be VMUG leaders. Correct to say "former Memphis VMUG leader".


What a team.... Definitely a team of Warriors and a team that can take on any battle. Considering the people that are still in the pipeline I think you guys will have an amazing team.


I've read your last statement and so... how can I contact you? I've read that there are opening in EMEA and so I'm very interested!


I also would like to contact you. I'm an actual VMUG Leader, VMworld Europe speaker and a real virtualization evangelist. I have a customer background but i really want to get more involved in these awesome technologies. Hope to hear from you soon...

chimezie ifediniru

hello everyone i would be interested in joining the V specialist..i have a passion for virtualization and storage and i am willing to learn and contribute also... i live in nigeria

Jose Ruelas

guau!!!! You are building the greatest team around virtualization!!!!

it is amazing really, and that says a lot. I like when you say Chad's rules (provide knowledge, customers and demo, demo, demo).

regards from Mexico
Jose R

David Robertson

I feel extremely fortunate to be apart of this amazing team! not only great minds but great people as well! I cant wait to see what we can achieve in the coming year(s).

Chad Sakac

@Duncan, shhh - you have insider info :-)

@Giuseppe, @Ausane, @Chimezie - the first step is to email me. Finding my email is a "can you find your own way to answers" litmus test. It's not hard, you just need to look, and show initiative.

Steve Jin

Congratulations to the dream team!
>>For some reasons, just can’t seem to find the right people in those two places.
I know one reason in the valley -- most could-be vSpecialists are with VMware now.:-)

chimezie ifediniru

@chad, i have emailed you several times but i didn't get a response from you.i even sent you one when you were on vacation and got your auto response mail,and ever since them i have sent you series of mails and tweets..

Keith Norbie

Congrats on the new group. Holy crap I get excited but also get just a little concerned... Looked what happened to the Jedi :) Seriously it says a lot that you're developing a rules book to keep them from going negative. Classy. EMC Enterprise teams will put that to the test.


I think that you have new mail :)


Thanks to my vSpecialist Brethren for being the professionals you are, and providing all of the "custom" training and mentorship we needed to make Emersion Training happen. You guys are the best of the best!

Donald Poorman

You know how I knew that picture was Photoshopped? There is NO WAY Chad is EVEN NEAR the same height as Joe T or John C. HA HA HA HA HA!


Sounds like you have a great new team. Wish I could join you, but I live in Canada.

Steve Anderson

I love the quote:

If you are passionate about these technologies, good in front of people, like working hard when it’s something you believe in, and feel like we’re at the cusp of a wave of technological change – I want to know you.

This describes me perfectly, I think VCE is absolutely the future of technology for all markets. I've personally been driving the transformation of a major retail business from physical to virtual systems at all levels, and I would jump at the opportunity to share these experiences with other companies.


Wow, you are putting together a serious team. It would be great to work for a company that shared this level of passion and commitment.

If you need someone in Chicago are drop me a line.

chimezie ifediniru

@chad...sent you an email.did you get it?


vSpecialists need to behave when you have that v-specialist t-shirt you wear so proudly in the field (in this case - at VMworld 2011) I travelled half the globe (not to mention costs involved for fees, flight, hotel) to hear out the vmworld speakers only to hear one of you chattering and drowning out the speakers/participants interaction. Please pay respect to the folks that took the time to attend the session, especially when there are no less than 8 VCDX certified folks in a single room. If you were that good, you'd be in the panel and not in the audience. (And yes, you only need one bad apple to spoil the lot)

Chad Sakac

@Brian, Steve, Theubergeek - thanks and stay in touch, there's always openings and changes.

@Ed - as we've discussed via email, I'm TERRIBLY sorry, and apologize profusely. I will reinforce to the whole team humility, and respect. There's a good reason for pride and a sense of team, but NO excuse for the lack of respect for others you point out.

It's NOT how we roll, and it's not a core value. Again, my sincere apologies.

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