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March 15, 2010


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Excellent spirit Chad!
And to anyone who has some spare CPU cycles to give away, World Community Grid (www.worldcommunitygrid.org) is another way to fight against those nasty diseases!

Phil Brotherton

Just want to second Chad's comments. Virtualization is big, but there are bigger things in life, like health. This really was an example of competition driving us all towards a better world. My thanks go out to the EMC team and particularly those that sent personal notes about how cancer had touched them and they appreciated I was doing this. That really made it worthwhile from my perspective.

Finally, Chad, sorry about all the gray. The EMC logo really is there!


Thanks alot and I grat you for saving life.What is the significant of shaving hair to help people the cancer?

Buy Viagra

Hello really the EMC can cure the cancer this is a big discover to every one all the people with this disease will thank you so much .

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