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February 01, 2010


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Rick Parker

Good to see others working on this, I started out with a 1 rack design 3 years ago that included redundant firewalls, load balancers, network and fiber switches, a CX300 SAN and dual R900
servers and a tape library all in 1 rack. Not a server / storage
block but a full datacenter block. http://www.networkworld.com/news/2008/012908-bedouin.html

The latest design I have running is 3 racks to support 200-300 virtual machines. The idea is the same, a standardized documented datacenter design that can be rapidly installed and configured to support RAID at the datacenter level, a redundant array of inexpensive datacenters.

Rick Parker

This is the Private Cloud Management software I have started using, its rough around the edges but has a lot of promise. Same basic
functionality as Amazon cloud. Admin interface to create a defintion of 1 or more servers and a Client interface to view list of defintions and create VMs. I hava list of 40 or so enhancments and feature requests


Rick Parker

Suggestion to add

Dblock - A datacenter block includes all components to create a
datacenter. Routers, Firewalls, Switches, etc.


Any estimate as to when we will see a Vblock 0 reference architecture? I have a UCS getting installed next week and just ordered a NS-480 to replace my CX4-120 so I am interested in both the Vblock 0 & 1 architectures.

Paul watt

Someone install a Vblock and forgot to take of the bracket in front of the vnx area. This bracket says to remove before installation. Does any one know the size of that nut


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