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January 18, 2010


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I really want to get a VCP, but I keep seeing this required $3000 training that you have to sit through to get officially certified. I assume none of these companies will actually hire people who have passed it? As always, I enjoy your blog Chad.



You are going to be SO flooded :). A chance that someone might get to work with you and Scott ... oh dear!!! :).

I think I know a few people that will be dropping you lines tonight.

Talk to you soon. As always I enjoy the blog.



Whom do I speak to regarding possitions in the Australasia region?


Ahmed Kamal

Where do we post regarding EMEA

Chad Sakac

Guys - the first test is can you follow instructions. Every thing you need to know (for Australasia and EMEA or anywhere else in the world) is RIGHT IN THE POST. Read it again please :-)

polly pearson

Chad, an emerging rage in recruiting is a short video of the hiring manager ... and/or clips from those on the team / recent joins. It would be great fun to do this for the vGeek Squad! Let me know if you're game. We can get it even further play by putting it on the EMCCareers properties on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, EMC.com, and my blog. And of course, if other bloggers want to run it, they could help bring the type of color to this opportunity that "Reality Video" does really well. Happy to help film and distribute, if you're game. Would be fun. What you're doing (with or without the video) is a super case study of what I believe is the future of Talent Search in Web 2.0 world.

- Polly Pearson


I'm going to agree with Jason...

Have you heard anything from VMWare about them dropping class attendance from the VCP requirements list?


@Jason @Chris this is not the forum to get these types of questions answered. You need to take this up with the VMware Education folks.


Are EMC hiring in Asia for vSpecialist? I am interested on that.



So real numbers here. How much email have you gotten over the past couple days? :)

I bet you got a ton.

Adedayo Awaiye

Please can some help out as I can't see how to send my resume and the EMC mail format.

Adam Baum

Too bad on the VCP requirement. I have five yrs Cisco MDS and VM experience, but no VCP.


I am very interested in the EMC positions. I have 6 years MDS and EMC experience. I'm a VCP 3 and 4. How do I sign up?

Jim S.

How can I apply for a position as I do not see where to send my cv?
I am a VMware / Storage Consultant (EMC Storage background as field engineer).

pyshnye popka

Where do we post regarding EMEA

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