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December 07, 2009


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Chuck Hollis

Amazing and useful post -- thanks for putting this together!

-- Chuck

Mauro Ayala

Thanks, really useful to me eather.
I am TC for commercial and I have a lot of partners's questions related to Acadia and vBlock, in fact there are many big Integrator who want to be EMC partners today due to EMC idea is delivery this model through them.

Vincent Peeters

Interesting, but the partners (I'm part of Dimension Data, an official vblock partner) continue to search more details and especialy technical details. I'm waiting and searching always about the Vblock Architecture Reference Guide as discussed in the VCE Partner FAQ :(
In addition, locally in my country, when you want engage EMC or Cisco on a potentiel vblock deal, nobody reply ... Especially Cisco prefers speak about Nexus to the customer than UCS or Vblock ... it's very strange like attitude.
Just for your info, in this post you speak about the website www.vceportal.com but this site is a private only for EMC/Cisco/Vmware employees ... no access for partner :(

Chad Sakac

@ Vincent - we're working to open up www.vceportal.com to VCE partners - expect that soon. In the meantime, please email me directly, and I'll get you anything you need.


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