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December 14, 2009


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Johnny M.

Chad, if Solutions Enabler talks to a symm via an inline connection, how do you get an Solutions Enabler as VM to talk? Also, does Storage Viewer require an installation of navicli somewhere so that you can talk to clariions?

Johnny M.

"how do you get an Solutions Enabler as VM to talk"

Oooof. That should have read:

"how do you get Solutions Enabler as a VM to talk"

I need more coffee...

Itzik Reich

Hi Johhny
in order to let SE running in a VM to talk to the array, you will have to attach DMX/VMAX disks to it as RDM in Physical compatability mode

Will L.

Johnny M., add a physical-mode RDM device (can be very small, like 1 GB) to a VM. This will give the VM inline connection access to the underlying array.

Storage Viewer does not require navicli even when working with Clariion arrays. It only requires Solutions Enabler.


Is anyone running both the Solutions Enabler and Storage Viewer on the same Windows host that vCenter is running on?

Dan C

I still get "Index was out of range" errors. And then nothing in the tab. (Clariion/SE7.1/SV2.1/Win2K8x64/VC4U1)

Chad Sakac

@Brian - many folks are, though I personally wouldn't recommend it.

I would leave the vCenter host alone, run SE as a VM, and install storage viewer on whatever host you use for your vSphere client.

@Dan C - one can never win :-) I just got an email "hey, I got it up and running in less than 5 minutes!" :-) Ok - please open a case, and then ping my work email (see my "about" page) with the case number - will get it immediately to the right folks.

Dan C

Thanks Chad, i worked it out, had to uninstall the 2.0 version, then re-install the 2.1. Works now!

Johnny M.

Thanks for the advice on using an RDM!


First awesome tool... I got it installed in a hour with a remote solutions enabler new installations. It almost eliminated the need for ECC for what we were using ECC for especially since no one @ EMC support can apparently get our 6.0 working with vSphere. The ability to know the LUN via the GUI should help my SAN administrators immensely.

One question - is remote solutions enabler that slow (45-60) seconds delay when clicking on a specific RDM or virtual disk or is it my environment? Would a local solution enabler install dramatically speed it up?


I was just thinking that might be a good topic for a future post - the benefits of ECC in vSphere 4 environment.

Itzik Reich

Kent, 60 seconds delay sounds too long..how many gatekeepers do you have attached to your array


I am not an EMC SAN guy, so I am depending on the answer coming from him:
"We have one remote support gatekeeper server attached to the Clariion."

I actually turned on debug logging on the Storage Viewer plugin, and it was exactly 50 seconds from time the request for information to the retrieval of that information from the array. I after posting the original message try the SV on the solution enabler server (as opposed to remotely), and the same delay was present.


I have collated the information I have found on this from EMC direct and also a guide of how I set it up. Hope its of use.

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