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November 03, 2009


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marc farley

Chad, it's true the rumors I picked up on yesterday turned out to look more like rumors than the intention of Acadia. The whole undertaking is bold - (of course I'm not going to endorse it!) but its an intriguing idea - creating a stack solution for customers. It never would have worked 5 years ago, but with the consolidation we've seen in the industry over the last couple years it might have a chance. BTW, you must have exceeded some personal best for output today and maintained your usual quality, although the use of Hollis-esque italics was a bit heavy.

Chad Sakac

Thanks Marc - while we're destined to be on different sides of a fence - I always respect what you do. 3PAR is a great company, great products, and they are lucky to have you :-)

I have good respect for the companies and people we compete with.

Chuck and I - well, we're different people, that's for sure. Each with our strengths and our foibles :-)

I'll make sure that I don't over use the italics :-)

marc farley

I can't help but tease - just a little. Great job today.

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