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November 09, 2009


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There usually is a price to pay when you want to work for the best companies in this world.

I agree, it does have an effect on your family life and that's definitely something you need to discuss and agree on before you take on a challenge like this.

Alex B...

I believe Chad's commandos, is probably a more appropriate name...

David Robertson

Chad I will be sending you a email soon ;)


Well, I think at some point we all feel the need to be in chad's army and then once we have a familly we need to respect some rules. Familly life is important, you work to live, you don't live to work.


The passion that you mentioned in the end of the post is the key to the success of our team. You drive it from the top of the org and it filters throughout the team. It's that shared passion that is contageous, diving each team member towards our common goal.

Wade O'Harrow

GO TEAM!!! We have a TON of FUN and really enjoy what we do, which makes this the best team I have ever had the privledge to be a part of. Regardless of how crazy the request sounds, on this team there is always a friend or two willing to step up and help out. Work Hard, Play Hard, and Have FUN are a solid philosophy to live by!

Nicholas Weaver

I think there is a big difference between those that work a job for just maintaining a lifestyle and those that truly enjoy what they do in technology.

The latter is the kind of person that wakes up at night with the solution to yesterday's problem and gets true enjoyment out of the success of a platform for a business unit.

Passion is something, when well managed, that can create high morale and give a competitive edge in technology services.

Derrick Baxter

Does this make me a Retired Warrior Monk in your Army? or just a reservist called on when needed?

Wade O'Harrow

After this week in Santa Clara, with 30 people who make up the Americas Brigade, it was truely amazing to see how everyone was just as excited at 7pm (when we were usually leaving for dinner) as they were went we all got to the office at 8am!!!!! When you work on a team where EVERYONE really ENJOYS what they do the effect is fantastic!!!!

the Only thing better then loving what you do for a living is being on a team with 30+ people who all share the same belief.

Doubting Thomas', Debbie Downers', and wet blankets .. please don't send me your resume, this job isn't for you!

All Tiggers, NO IORES!

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