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October 09, 2009


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I purchased the original IX2 and did some benchmarking and I have just recently purchased the new IX2-200 hoping for a slight performance increase. It will be interesting to see if there is a performance gain, the IX2 model had two Seagate 7200RPM drives, and the IX2-200 is outfitted with two 5400RPM drives.

Like you I use my Iomega device for hosting photos, my iTunes library, videos etc....however I also use it to store .iso files, Virtual Machine Templates, and occasionally as shared storage for testing ESX features that require it.

Some IX2 (original model) performance results:

With FTP:
Over Wireless G 2.6 MB/s
Over GB Ethernet (Connected to NetGear SRXN3205 Router/Switch) 12.6 MB/s
Over GB Ethernet (Connected to Cisco 2960G Switch) 10.3 MB/s
Over GB Ethernet (Connected to Cisco 2960G Switch JUMBO FRAMES ENABLED) 15.6 MB/s

With HTTP:
Connecting to the Iomega IX2 using Safari Web Browser from a MacBook Pro connected to Cisco 2960G Switch. 928 KB/s

With AFP:
Connecting to the Iomega IX2 using Filer from a MacBook Pro connected to Cisco 2060G Switch. Monitored using Activity Monitor spike 19.6 MB/s.

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