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September 07, 2009


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EMC Storage Viewer? I have never heard of this? I did a search on Powerlink and only came up with a few references. I couldn't find it browsing through the Documentation or Downloads menus either? Can you post links to more documentation on it?


In powerlink go to, Support, Product and Diagnostic Tools, Symmetrix Tools, Symmetrix Tools for Vmware.


Awesome, thanks David!

We only have ESX clusters on our CLARiiONs right now and have not deployed ESX to our DMX so I didn't even think to look in that location. Kind of an odd place for it though seeing as it supports CLARiiON and Symmetrix arrays.


Remember altho EMC Storage Viewer is posted on PowerLink under Symmertix Tools for VMware it works equally with CLARiiON.

Chad Sakac

Agreed guys - the tool was originally developed by the Symm team, though has become a defacto tool across the EMC portfolio (and we are continuing to develop and innovate around it).

Agreed that the location isn't optimal. Let me see what I can do about that....


Btw, the product teams watch this (as I do) - feedback on the tool, good/bad/ugly - all is welcome!

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