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September 06, 2009


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Olivier Parcollet

Hi Shad,

Nice and very intersting session.
FYI, the link 'I disscussed here' doesn't work.
I imagine you had a heavy load of work these days


Hi Chad,

Thanks for posting this... Just one quick question...

For nmp round robin in vSphere s it safe to change the IO operation limit to 1 when using an AX4-5i array?



Chad Sakac

Will - I'll double check, but believe the answer is YES.


Hi Chad & Will,

VMware only supports (NMP) MRU as Path Policy with the AX4-5i (because of Active/Passive), anyway we want to use NMP RR with an AX4-5i.

Have you any recommendations in this case - should it work technically without problems so that we can use it ? Or do you see any problems ?

Thanks in advance for your answer and for providing great informations through your blog!

scott owens

How do you see this from a performance and reliability standpoint compared to fiber delivered via FCOE for those ESX hosts that could support either one ?


Hi Chad,

Is it possible to configure the AX4-5i multipathing without PowerPath?


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