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September 08, 2009


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To be honest when doing health checks or design reviews 90% of the issues we talk about are either storage or bad configuration in general. it didn't surprise me at all. although the topic officially was "ask the experts- designing a virtual infrastructure" none of the topics where actually directly design related. :-)

Anyway I enjoyed myself! For me it was the first time up on stage with such a large crowd you guys being there certainly made it easier.


@duncan, Its never the Storage :) I enjoyed the session very much, in fact I would say I got the most out of that session than any other at vmworld. Great to hear from such a knowledgeable panel and questions! I look forward to the next one.


At the end of the first session I asked you about materials geared towards SAN administrators as everything from VMware is geared towards the ESX administrator. Our CLARiiON administrator could not make heads or tails with ESX and we had an 'incident' in our early ESX 3.0 days. What was the name of the documentation/book you recommended?


@aenagy, as someone who administers both the storage and the ESX environment, the first place I would recommend for your CLARiion administrator is to take a look at the Solutions guide for VMWare ESX and CLARiion which is available on Powerlink.

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