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August 27, 2009


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Carlo Costanzo

I gotta get me one of these for the Basement!


SRM Support would be amazing! :-) But even having manual failover capabilities is fantastic. Does it have an API so it's possible to fully script a failover?

Chad Sakac

We're working on the SRM support. To do it, lifeline needs to add a snapshot/clone function first - but Duncan, we are serious about trying to get that done over time.

Will let you know about the API/scriptability - I believe the answer is yes, but will be able to tell you soon.

(plus, I'm sure I can get you one :-)


What kind of performance have you seen out of these? I've seen the older model around, but was never able to find anyone that had tested/deployed them.


Kinda shitty that the rack unit only has a single ethernet.

Stephen Foskett

I'd just like to highlight one statement from the above post:

"if anyone thinks [traditional scale-out block and scale-out NAS] can compete with Amazon S3 (on function or price), personally, I think they are missing something."

Amen, Chad! Amen!

Jay Weinshenker

Oh great, just great. At work, we run EMC products on most of our data center. I come home and talk about how cool the stuff is to my wife, who is into high end photography... and who has been needing a good solution involving remote replication for her pictures....

Well, on the bright side, I'm saving $$ on buying these with the coupon codes given out at the show :D


Looks like the VMworld $$ special offer ended...too bad...I was too slow.

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