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August 20, 2009


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I must be dreaming...


Chad, you have the wrong photo for the V-Max engine, that is actually a photo of two Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnects, 6120's! The photo has 17:03 as the time stamp. I can see I am going to have to give you a UCS lesson when we catch up. [cheeky grin]

Chad Sakac

Thanks Rodos - my bad, corrected the caption. As it happens - a fully populated V-Max matrix interconnect looks a LOT like the UCS 6120 (they are not the same, but look almost identical, except the color of the chassis - which I should have caught).

Fast post = sloppy.

Scott Lowe

It is pretty insane how much hardware there is--I was over at the hot stage facility with the VMware team a couple of weeks ago getting the "grand tour." Unbelievable. According to VMware, there's enough compute power in there to run--on the low end--over 30,000 virtual machines. On the high end, that could scale over 60,000 virtual machines. Awesome!


Chad you will have to give me a tour of a V-Max chassis. The ship heading to Australia is a little slow and my box of toys does not have its V-Max yet. I wonder if I can find one on Ebay.au.


Dave Convery

vExperts should get a free tour!!!

Peter Learmonth

Nice post. I just love a plugfest.
For those wanting more detail on the NetApp gear (I specfically told it to play nice next to the EMC gear)...
There are 4 pairs of FAS3170 in the main datacenter, right next to the Clariion racks. That equipment is for the Performance lab. There is another set of 4 pairs of FAS3140 and FAS3170 for the User Self Paced Labs. The USPL gear is serving boot LUNs for 8 HP c7000 blade chassis along with all the NFS datastores for the VMs and associated bits. There are some other neat things happening in there, but I don't know if those details are public yet.

CYa there!


Douglas Gourlay

Pretty cool! That is a LOT of hardware!

Miguel Miranda

Welcome to the Virtualization Heaven!! Do they need an hand? I got two :D

George D

Definately floats my boat!!!!!!

Paul P

"NetApp filers right beside EMC... ...one would think that like anti-matter and matter – being brought in close proximity, they would immediate annihilate each other in a fury of energy leaving nothing left :-)"

Very funny...
Actually, they must not have been close enough. You didn't see any sparks at all? Blue ones?

Brad Hedlund

How does the cooling work in this room? I don't see the typical raised floor with perforated tiles. So is it perhaps row based cooling? Or perhaps the room is pressurized with cool air and heat exhausted via chimneys in the cabinets (although I dont see chimneys either). Just curious.



For your VMax picture, your caption reads:

"Each of those storage engines, is very low latency serial 10Gbps connection that links each Storage Engine in the scale-out design into a single unit"

Are you sure you don't mean 10GBps (gigaBYTES)? :) From Barry Burke's blog:

"For the curious, the first generation of the Symmetrix V-Max uses two active-active, non-blocking, serial RapidIO v1.3-compliant private networks as the inter-node Virtual Matrix Interconnect, which supports up to 2.5GB/s full-duplex data transfer per connection – each “director” has 2, and thus each “engine” has 4 connections in the first-gen V-Max."


I think he means 10Gbps.

There are 2 - 10Gbps / 8 = 1.25GBps

1.25GBps * 2 = 2.5GBps

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