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July 14, 2009


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Bernie Baker

My pleasure!

Craig Waters

When can we expect to see the CLARiiON automated failback snapin?

I heard end of June, but not seen anything so far...

Can you come to the rescue again Chad?

Cheers, Craig.

Chad Sakac

Craig - you'll be happy to hear that we're getting there on that one to (also working the SRDF one). TARGET (please respect that it's a target) is Q3 for the CLARiiON SRM automated failback similar to the Celerra Replicator variant.

Taking a look at the code this week.


I installed the Celerra Failback tool on my recovery site vCenter / Site Recovery Manager server and now if I click on the Site Recovery Manager plugin, I get an invalid SSL error and cannot work with SRM. If I click on the EMC Failback Tool and accept the cert warning first, I can then go back and view the Site Recovery Manager Plugin - seen anything like this?

Yossi Mesika

Sky - we have never seen this issue and have been able to use both SRM and the Celerra SRM Failback plug-in with no problem. If you like you can send to nastoolsupport@emc.com more details on this and we will be happy to review your specific case more closely.

Greg Matuskovic

Any word on the CLARiiON SRM automated failback snapin? Has it been released yet?

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