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July 20, 2009


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David Barker

Ok, it's taken a while, but here's a quick idea...

Most of the integration so far seems to be 'passive' - aimed at viewing existing info. That's fine, but I'd like to script with the info too.

e.g. If you're collecting backend performance info, I'd like to schedule stuff around it.
- Kick off/pause VCB backups.
- Zero dirty blocks in vmdk's during periods of low I/O. Its possible to script MS's 'sdelete' (see http://www.yellow-bricks.com/2008/01/04/vmware-consolidated-backup-and-deleted-files/), but it doesn't know what its doing to backend performance .

Chad Sakac

Thanks David - appreciate the feedback. We're treading carefully around the "active" management piece - we're getting mixed feedback.

Our customers that have storage admins and vmware admins find the topic radioactive - they love the idea that each can VIEW the info they need across domains, but not affect it (some exceptions seem "kosher" with that community - like replicas).

Conversely, smaller shops that have one person doing both want it

I don't think one or the other are right/wrong - just different.

For mid-to-large shops, if you look at part II of this - you can see that we're providing the same visibility, but in the other direction as well - in the native context where people in the shops where there are storage admins can provision and take action. This is delivered by integrating those directly with the vCenter APIs.

For smaller shops, you will see more on this topic at VMworld this year, as more plugins are announced/discussed.

Performance info is coming soon. Good suggestions on zeroing and VCB/vStorage API for data protection


In the first video I noticed the long list of luns: each of them has 32GB of size.
There is a technical reason to provide a such long list of little luns or it was only to fill the screen, for the video purpose?

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