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June 03, 2009


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Keith Norbie

congrats on popping the "bork" cherry.... progress

and good article too :-)

Chad Sakac

Thanks Keith - I told you I would stick a "bork" in an upcoming post just for you :-)

Of course - that's also how I really speak in real life :-)


Good article and great video. I especially like it that you show the provisioning steps in the Navisphere management GUI. I would like to request more information and demos in Navisphere. I would really like to see more information geared towards the SAN admins (complete with Navisphere walkthroughs) like in your video. This way I could show them the videos (or your book?) and help them understand what ESX needs.

Chad Sakac

@aenagy - the funny thing is that ALL this stuff is simple, as long as people are willing to learn about things "cross domain", and not treat the silo lines as sacred territory.

Storage folks are be well served by learning (at least a little) about VMware, and VMware folks are be well served by learning (at least a little) about storage.

Thanks for the feedback - I'll try to produce more videos. I've got one in the hopper that is KILLER based on features to come relatively soon, but I need to keep it sealed up until we get closer to GA.


Hi chad geat post.
I have a LUN with user capacity showing in navisphere as 1.999 GB
Would an ESX4 host if introduced to the SAN see this existing LUN, and would it have any issues accessing it?


Chad Sakac

@Dougie - that will work fine - so long as it's below 2GB by 512 bytes - it will be great...


I was able to attach a 10 TB RDM to a ESX4u1 VM Guest no problems....we actually created it in a seperate datacenter directly zoned to a physical box loaded it up with data and moved the box to datacenter 2 across town and reattached it to the vm as RDM and everything was there no problems!

but when i tried to attach a 20 TB RDM it throws an error , im still trying to work around it but any advice is well recieved!!!!

the actual error is as follows:
Reconfigure virtual machine
VMNAME/datastorefile.vmdk is larger than the maximum size supported by datastore: DATASTORENAME DOMAIN\username


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