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June 16, 2009


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David Robertson

I am trying to get some passes for me and a co-worker, I havent gone to a vmworld yet, been to 2 EMC world's so looking forward to it.

Justin G.

I'm still working on trying to make VMworld this year. It would be good to go out there and see the latest from EMC and discuss our planned design for our hardware refresh, which will be Celerra NS-120 and Cisco Nexus 5010 switches.

Dave Hopkins

The video was cheezy but effective. ;^)

I liked how Chad wore the suit on the beach and was drinking hot coffee. Truly Geeky.

marc farley

Nice vid! Chris, you always did look like a playuh!

Chad Sakac

BTW - I'm not really this uptight in real life :-) We just thought it would make for a funny contrast, and I always get made fun of for wearing my suits :-)

And Wade would never need my help configuring iSCSI at a customer (insider joke - both Chris and Wade who are great guys on my team are former EqualLogic folks)


I'm kinda struggling to justify the trip out to the US for VMWorld this year - what do you think will be the top "don't miss" sessions ?

Chad Sakac

@NickC - if you ask me, the sessions that are worth their weight in gold are the App best practice sessions.

I mean, I hear you on one level. Going to see neato demos, and 3rd party product launches (don't get me wrong, we are going to have some AWESOME EMC stuff - if you're a EMC customer - that alone might be worth it) - I mean that stuff you can kind of get at home.

But, if you're virtualizing tier 1 apps - to share best practices with people who do it for a living, and see what lots of customers do right, and do wrong - that could easily save you the $$ of the admission - in fact could do it many times over.


Hoping to see you guys at VMworld. Haven't gotten confirmation yet that I am going.

Roger Lund

I would love to go to VMworld, however, being a IT Admin, and with the economic down turn, my budget has been cut, so no VMworld for me this year. I am disappointed, as it would be a chance to learn, and to meet some of the fellow blogger's, and VMware admins I talk with on Twitter.

Roger Lund

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