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June 11, 2009


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Matt Simmons

I can't fill out the survey for some reason, so I'll just post my answers here.

I'm using an EMC AX4-5 at each of my locations (primary and backup). They've got FC ports, and all I've done so far is LUN resizing on the fly, but I'd like to start using the snapshot features.

Since my infrastructure is simple, finding the problem usually is too. The root cause of VM performance isn't too bad, but finding the best practices for a setup like mine is an exercise in futility.

I hope that helps!

Chad Sakac

Matt - thanks, and my apologies - trying this survey tool for the first time... Should be working now.

Let me see if I can hook you up with the AX product management folks.

Thank you for being a VMware and EMC customer!

Matt Simmons


Thanks! I've got plenty of curiosity, I'm just short on time and money ;-)

standalone.sysadmin@gmail.com is the address. Thanks!

David Robertson

ok i added my .02

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