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May 09, 2009


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Paul Wegiel

Re: Oracle; I've read the top blogs on this subject (Chad's, The Reg's and Chuck Ellis's) - great reads.

Also, a clear message that the hypervisor field is becoming cutthroat - Oracle ramming their OVM down every customer throat is not cool (although may make sense from Larry's perspective?).

He who owns the hypervisor owns "The System"??? It is definitely shaping up to be so.


Last week "we" decided on going VMware for windows VM, and Oracle VM for Linux, we will see what happens once we start testing.

Paul Wegiel

@David - are you running just Oracle software? I would be curious to see what made you decide to implement two different hypervisors (2x support, training, etc., costs). Was it getting Support from Oracle?


Well it wasn't me that decided, and yes from what I understand the Xen fanboys here wanted something Xen and because Oracle wont support a oracle DB under vmware, that leaves only 1 solution.


This is probably why Oracle downplays compatibility/support for VMware;

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