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April 16, 2009


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Mike Laverick

Just watched you presentation at the even this week. Just wanted to say how succinct it was – I found it more informative than the big announcement earlier this week.

I would say I was a little sceptical about the whole cloud thang. In truth it’s not so much whether I get the concept (which I do) but whether our industry is capable of delivering it. Our industry has in the past has times has seemed to thrive on offering pancreas that turn out to be placebos.

What I do get is the VMware+EMC+Cisco relationship does provide the concrete tools to put the infrastructure in place – to make the cloud possible. What I really get is the integration. I notice customers seem to want divergent things. They want each part of the stack – the storage, the network, the hypervisor – to be stand independently of each other – for stability/reliability/interchange-ability – but at the same time they want great integration. I’m hoping VMware’s open approach allow different vendors to interact with each – to allow these apparent contradiction to be possible.

Up until this point I think many of us felt the something concrete missing in the cloud computing – and that it was hard to see hardware & software that would make it possible.

It’s nice to see someone who is passionate about a subject as I am – SRM! I was especially intrigued to hear how EMC dominates the sales of SRM. Those sort of stats are not always in the public domain.

Finally, I just like to say thanks for putting up this video – because if you hadn’t I probably wouldn’t have watched it.

Keep up the good work!

Chad Sakac

Thanks Mike - the point of integration vs. exclusivity is one of the vSphere launch hallmark words: "Choice" - we're trying to use this open API model to provide the other two "Efficiency" and "Control" - without some sort of lock-in.

I expect that some people would be skeptical - but we really try to keep things open (which is why you will see everyone partnering with Cisco, with VMware, with EMC - in all directions). None of this is about exclusivity - but about investing in innovation and integration, and winning the customer/partner on our own merits.

Steve Kaplan (@ROIdude)

Chad, I saw your presentation live yesterday - it was very good (I tried to catch up with you at the VMware party, but you were always surrounded). The V-Max architecture looks great, and I'm happy to see the close integration with both VMware and Cisco.

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