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April 21, 2009


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325K wow, that's insane. Would be nice to see what the difference is between the pvSCSI and the "old" scsi drivers.


Great right up chad, its definately evident that work and orchestration you and your team are doing between EMC and VMware is actually working wonders on workload performance improvements...

I can just see this getting a whole load better with introduction of external infrastructure such as Vmax, Cisco UCS/Nexus etc all working in tandem with vsphere..

Charlie Dellacona

325K IOPS! Wow indeed. Congratulations.

It would really drive home your point if you published the exact same test without ESX on the server. That would not only settle the scale argument but demonstrate the efficiency as well.

Keith Norbie

Super cool, nice use of all the spare time! Does the network matter? iSCSI, FCOE, FC, NFS? Test through NS not just CX4. It would be cool to also see F.A.S.T. working to distribute workload and capacity demands to really attack the legacy datacenter array footprints.

(disappointed, always serious - insert "bork" somewhere... spread your Canadian wings)

Chad Sakac

@ Duncan - will send it to you on the down-low (as a VMware employee) - it will be posted shortly for all to see (after EMC world - the teams want to finish up all the testing).

@ Keith - just for you... BORK :-)

Shawn E

Would it be possible to perform the same test with Hyper-V?
Even though there was a (controversial) article written where it came out ahead of ESX in a very limited, low-end scenario, I doubt it would scale the way the new ESX does.

Chad Sakac

@Shawn E - I'll find out from my Hyper-V peers what they have planned. I'm sure that Microsoft, seeing all this will want to work with us to do something similar, but that's not in my part of the org...

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