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March 01, 2009


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Do you know what the maximum LUN size will be with vSphere 4.0? It would be mainly for RDM purposes. Thank you for the excellent blog post.

Rod Gilbert

Chad - Excellent summary and a terrific event for EMC. It was a pleasure working with you and the rest of the EMC team. Looking forward to EMC World!

Matthijs Haverink

Great summary Chad!


I second that! Wonderful post, but it will take me a while to get through all the info and demos :)


Thanks for this summary. I have been to the EMC booth and everything looked great over there.

Regarding the EMC Storage Viewer for vCenter plugin: I have a customer using a CX300 who would love to start using this. Can you let me know when it will be available?

Barry Weeks

Hi Chad, great summary, looking forward to getting hold of the slides so I can pass on the excitment and enthuasiasm I gained over the week.
Good to meet you albeit briefly (1.5 million sharepoint, 2 million Exchange) and I will keep you informed on our progress.
Any idea when I might be able to get the vCenter Storage Viewer plugin? Our Ops guys are foaming at the mouth for a piece of that action.


Michiel Brinkman

Great summary indeed! As MartijnL you could say I have an urgent need for the vCenter plugin. We are currently migrating to a CX4 and a new Vmware Cluster and I would really like to introduce this plugin to provide the link our Vmware guys have been missing.

Erich Popp

Hi Chad, great info. But, i was not successful in downloading the vCenter plugins. I got an access violation (and other EMC partners in Germany too).




Just wanted to point out something in your post regarding the Compliance plugin. This is coming from a company called Configuresoft with their product ECM.

Chad Sakac

EMC Partners - working furiously to get the links available to the partner view of powerlink, stay tuned, and apologies for the snafu.

In the meantime, reach out to your EMC friends (specifically my EMC VMware Specialist team all have them and have set them up - so if you have a Partner Technical Consultant or Partner Manager - just have them reach out to the VMware Specialists distribution list), and they can hook you up.

Chad Sakac

Justin - stay tuned...


Hi Chad,

I was not able to find a download for the Storage Viewer Plugin. Any news where to get it?



Mark Burgess

Hi Chad,

We are an EMC and VMware partner and I see lots of potential for Avamar Virtual Edition for customers with around 0.5-5TB of data.

Talking to our local Avamar technical and sales representatives they are positioning AVE for remote office backups only.

The EMC messaging and your blog seem to position Avamar as a strong solution for VMware environments (datacenter or remote office).

I have a few questions that hopefully you can help me with:

1. AVE does not support tape-out therefore you would have to introduce a hardware appliance into the environment which defeats the purpose of the technology – are there plans to support this?
2. We would like to be able to replicate and/or backup the AVE at the VMDK level which would negate most of the need for tape-out and Avamar replication – is this supported?
3. The AVE does not include the Accelerator node for NDMP backups – are there plans to support this?
4. The AVE does not support RAIN – are there plans to support this?
5. With vSphere 4 and Avamar version 5 will we see 100% feature compatibility between the AVE and the physical versions?
6. Is there anything else you can tell us about the road-map for AVE?

I would have thought that as we move towards the 100% virtualised datacenter that AVE could become the backup solution of choice.

It does not make sense to virtualise all your applications but leave your backup solution physical.

Many thanks

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