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March 13, 2009


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Craig Waters

Hi Chad,

Just seen your youtube demo of the EMC Storage Viewer vCenter plugin (looks great by the way) Just what we need!

I do have to bring up the topic again on sharing knowledge with your customers a la Powerlink.

The demo is listed as "...freely available vCenter plugin...", its even mentioned in the presentation audio (is that your voice-over Chad?), but I've searched the depth and bredth of powerlink with no result or worse 'access violation' you do not have rights to view this content.

I guess it doesn't mean freely available to all your registered customers?

I just wish EMC was a bit more open when it comes to sharing these new tools with us technical guys? If you could show me the light on how to get access to this plugin on powerlink I'd be most grateful.

On the subject of vCenter plugins... will you be releasing similar vCenter plugins for CLARiiON products in the future and when can you share these tools (especially SRM related)?

Look forward to your response Chad - Thanks for your insights and revelations!

Chad Sakac

Ok - all - apologies it took so long for the EMC Storage Viewer to get posted, it's available now here:




does the failback plugin is only for celera ?

We are using symmetrix, and it should be very interesting such a plugin in our environment.



The SRM failback plug-in only support iSCSI LUNs on Celerra


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