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February 02, 2009


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Paul Evans

Wow! This is BIG and very exicting! Chad you seem to describing a partnership ecosystem for supporting private clouds within an Enterprise and public clouds a la EC2 using standard API's with a management fabric that permeates across VM's, permits their organization by business unit/application/administration/... groups, and the underlying host servers, storage and the network.

This is a comprehensive multi-year project and the open API's (e.g. VMSafe in a more effective and usable incrnation) and formats (vmdk, application virtualization, etc) will be critically important for its suceess. If Cisco, VMWare and EMC indeed work together on this, they will be able to dmonitae this market for years to come.

Very cool! Thanks for sharing your views.

Paul Evans

Interesting insights, far reaching implications.


Paul Evans

EMC and Microsoft have announced a 3 year alliance
on virtualization


On the face of it, this alliance is consistent with EMC seeking growth in an emerging segment of the virtualization market and Microsoft requiring a high-end storage partner. Ultimately, it is all about meeting the customer’s needs!

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