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February 02, 2009


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Chad, Any possibility of making the trial version of Replication Manager available (like the Celerra VSA)? I'm very interested in testing how the EMC Replication Manager compares to Lefthand SAN's Solution Pack and Equallogic's Host Integration Tools for doing VSS application backups and snapshots. I tried creating a Powerlink account for downloading the Replication Manager and was turned down. Thanks!


For this sections...

"These tools do something in common - before the array snap, optionally they invoke the ESX snap to ensure that the VM can be restarted - otherwise its a "crash consistent" replica. "Crash consistent" just means it's in a "non clean shudown state". Not terrible, but not great. I know this is an optional setting in RM, and believe that to be the case with SMVI, though am not sure (any NetApp folks want to confirm?)."

You're correct -- tis an option in SMVI.

daniel kaiser

How is EMC's Replication Manager Vmware Proxy Licensed? Is it licensed per ESX host or per datacenter. I'm getting conflicting answers from two different EMC vendors on how many licenses we would need. Thanks.

Imran Momin

Hi Chad

I am looking for a solution that will quiesce exchange, oracle and sql on vmfs volumes so that we can use SRM for DR. I know that Replication Manager works with RDM, but just wanted to clarify if this is possible using VMFS volumes.

Thank you

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