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January 19, 2009


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Craig Waters

Hi again Chad, You helped me previously with getting to the truth in regard to EMC solutions. Can I please ask for your help again?

Our business uses Documentum and we are in the process of virtualising, but as yet I've been unable to get someone at EMC Australia to give real technical details regarding why it the FAST index server cannot be virtualised beyond "...it's not supported..".

I (and the business I work for) would be really grateful if you could provide some technical detail regarding the "..weird Microsoft thing that's getting resolved.." and prehaps a timeframe for its resolution?

Thanks again in advance for cutting through the EMC red tape Chad!

Jayadeep Purushothaman

While I am not contesting the savings due to virtualization, may be another way to look at cost savings is to see if you really need a beast like documentum to serve your needs. My experience with it at one large corporation was that it was unusable and users silently shifted to other tools - wiki or sharepoint. They couldn't make it scale for some reason and it died a natural death. My point is, while virtualization sure helps, you really need to dig deeper and make things simpler to save costs.

Chuck Hollis

Hi Jayadeep -- a very interesting comment, and not at all unusual.

One of my roles at EMC is sheparding our overall "2.0" social media strategy. I've written a blog on the subject which has enjoyed a modicum of popularity over at http://chucksblog.emc.com/a_journey_in_social_media

You may find it interesting as well.

One of the posts has a link to an extended white paper explaining our overall internal strategy regarding tools and platforms that we need to use to drive our business forward.

Simply put, we see a need -- and will continue to see a need -- for all three: Sharepoint for ad-hoc file-oriented collaboration, wikis (actually a complete internal social media portal known as EMC|ONE) as well as extensive use of Documentum as the information management glue that ties multiple information sources together into a single asset that can be managed, shared, protected, archived, searched, etc.

Some of the posts in the blog explain the reason why we probably won't be the only company in the world that ends up doing much of the same thing.

Finally, when it comes to productivity tools, the goal is not so much to save money, but to make money. And some times making money requires more than one tool, and not only the cheapest one.

Best regards!



Like Craig Waters asked, can you explain more about "the weird Microsoft thing that's getting resolved" you noticed in your article?


I would also be very interested to understand what the weird microsoft thing which is being resolved is. Deployment of NAS in our environment is really a non starter for various reasons and its holding back our deployment of the FAST index server.

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