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January 26, 2009


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Domenico Viggiani

Chad, in a few cases, I still use ESX 3.5.
I configured iSCSI on the Clariion side of a NS480 array, using two ports on SPA and two ports on SPB:

switch A: SPA1 and SPB1
switch B: SPA2 and SPB2

and two subnets:

Then, I configured ESX redundancy using two vSwitch, each one with a separate vmKernel port group and pNIC on a subnet.

Do you think it's a good setup?

I'm able to see four targets, four paths in total, one "Active" and three "On".

Thanks again


Nice drawing Chad. It gets the point across. My colleague has created a same diagram in a visio format and it's in pre-production stage http://xenmaster.com/VMWareEMCDatacenter.aspx. Thought I'd share it with you and visitors. If you have any diagrams that you'd like to post, feel free. You definitely have the knowledge.



Hey Chad, i like the graphics. how did you do it ?

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