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December 10, 2008


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Keep in mind that the snapshot is placed on the source disk, so you need additional space on he source. the amount of space needed depends on the changes written to disk.

Chad Sakac

Thanks Duncan - absolutely. There is a requirement of space on the target, and incremental space on the source (for the period during which the snapshot is diverging as the filecopy of the closed VMDK is occuring).


Well, a perfect innovation would be something like a failover scenario using a combination of storage VMotion and the new non-disruptive / fault tolerance component for SAN storages.
E.g. I was (and still am) search for a possibility to have a fault tolerance solution with two MirrorView'ed SAN-LUNs. So if one of the SAN-storages fails ... nothing will happen - the ESX should just continue to proceed with the second node...
If this will be possible on VMFS - I guess this is gonna be the killer-app :-)
(no, DataCore/LeftHand is not an option as it complicates a structure again with an additional abstraction level / tool / hardware piece )


Could you say something more about storage motion using rdm ?

I have the most of the server in simple vmdk. Just 4 of them use rdm lun, the biggest lun I have are rdm (file server and email server)




I echo Roberto's request, what is your experience with migrating rdm (both virtual and physical compatibility mode) from one SAN to another?
I will soon have to do this for one of the customers who has got quite a few MSCS clusters and would like to find out more about real life experience and best approaches.
I know you can use "vmkfstools -i" to do this, but like I say going through successful studies would be of great benefit!



Say if you are doing svmotion on same filer on the aggr/vol or different aggr/vol. When we kick this does it go and write via network ? or does it copy from one aggr/vol to different aggr/vol on the filer ?


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