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November 10, 2008


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Christina Casten

I'd like to link to this particular blog from the SNIA XAM Public De velopers Portal


Atmos sounds like a CDN, so COS is not really new...?

Would you agree?

What is the use case for Atmos in the VMware context?
Obviously it's for Content Delivery of ISO's, Templates and VM's at a global scale in whatever format you choose (OVF, VMDK, VHD, AMI, etc.) in this new cloud enabled world.

I do see in the future you are able to pull down a Mobile VM from the cloud via Web APIs (REST/SOAP) on your mobile device or access the content you have stored in the cloud from anywhere at anytime. Mobile Devices, VM's, Apps will change and be obsolete but your content will not (home movies, pictures, music, personal docs, etc) and this is what you want to keep secure and available. This is where I see the Atmos CDN. :P

John Webster

Virtual Geek:

There are a number of things that I'd like to explore here re: Atmos but let me start with the COS use case that implies a definition of COS. You list some COS attributes, but could some others also be included? Such as:

Security (perhaps "multi-tenancy" is "secure multi-tenancy?")
Object versioning
Object persistence
Scale to billions of users (as opposed to objects)
Local data caching

John Webster


i want to know vmmare Dos device usb
help me

Former EMCDE

Small quibble: CAS and XAM both allow unlimited metadata. In fact, Centera allows more metadata than Atmos (which I believe has a limit of about 256 tags); Centera is limited to 100 MB of metadata. The metadata mentioned above is part and parcel of the object model but is a subset of the completely extensible metadata model.

BTW: XAM would make an exciting access method for Atmos. A prototype of this was developed in November, 2008 and DiskXtender (which has a XAM implementation) was demonstrated running on Atmos. I don't know what became of that effort.

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