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September 15, 2008


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Someone is getting a punch in the head for keeping this from me.

I'll forgive you this time Chad as there was a third party company and a ton of NDAs involved. ;)


Zilla-man if I knew I would have definitely told you and I am in Chad's team. To tell you the truth we didn't know until a day before it was announced. I have customers that have asked me for PowerPath support on ESX for years and NOW we have a proven defacto intelligennt load balancing and path management solution that will take ESX to the next level from a storage or rather vStorage perspective (take that Symantec). PowerPath Encryption and Data Mobilty future support will extend Storage vMotion and vMsafe and will accelerate VMware VDC-OS and "Virtual Infastructure as a Service" offering for next gen data centers and cloud infrastructures.

Citrix announced a C3 offering and partnership the same day VMware announced their vCloud and VDC-DC offering but unlike Citrix, VMware has already signed up with >100 service/cloud providers, has more feature/functionality and Maritz is going to accelerate VMware to the cloud . The "VIaaS" space is getting interesting and VMware is the most mature and proven solution to own this space.


this i/o dedupe is amazing...


Gartner and others have defined the VMware Cloud as IaaS (Infrastucture as a Service). Software Developers are already using Amazon EC2 which use Xen based images (VM's) and can be used to run a business. The VMware Cloud (based on what I have read) is an extension of a private cloud to handle peak loads, disaster recovery (Sungard is an SP) or even outsorce additional Data Centre's. Given the economic climate these days you will see cloud computing take off.

The very cool enabler for vCloud IMHO is the encapsulation/containerization of a set of services or vApps into what VMware is calling Application vServices.


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