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August 07, 2008


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Daniel Eason


Unless I win the lottery i'm not going however I know it will be a smashing event as its got better every year since i went in 2006.

How cool would that lot of resource look in a DRS cluster!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike Cu

Gimme Gimme oh to have an eight of a rack of this.

Maybe to break to SMB someone needs to give you a $15K hardware budget


Unreal! Can't wait to see it in Vegas. Nexus has a couple of other VCP's going with me ironically who are also building our new POC's. Ours will be 3 half height racks featuring VI3x and NS20, etc. Ours are all on wheels and will be highlighted at Ingram's VTN show in Oct. at San Diego.

Obviously we're slightly smaller scale than your muscle. Go figure...

Aaron Patten

Chad you always had a flair for the dramatic :-)
Knock 'em dead at VMworld!

Chad Sakac

Keith - Big is nice, small is better - what you're doing represents a solution for SO MANY customers. What we're showing isn't just this big thingee (we know customers come in every shape/size), but that we need to do because people have told us "it can't be done!" :-)

Mike - we will be also showing an "all in" SMB solution - ESX, VC, servers remote office backup, DR, and an array - target pricepoint of $20K. EMC covers the gamut - hope to see you there!

Aaron - thanks :-)


I'd love to see how you guys intend to cool and power that density of servers. It's gotta be a furnace!!!

Chad Sakac

Nick, as part of the exercise, we are going to look at all aspects:

- technical feasibility first
- performance/scaling next
- how to minimize cost (including a TCO comparison with a traditional client deployment)
- and of course, power/space/HVAC.

Will share it all.

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