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August 05, 2008


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The CLARiiON is looking more and more like a Symmetrix these days and vice versa... :P


Hmmm, is this EMC's first FCoE ready offering?

EMC also has a WebCast on the new CX4 Platform.


Hey, you get to play with all of the latest and greatest toys - that's not fair!
Seriously, kudos to EMC for bringing out the CX4. Your customers (me) are taking note of the rate your bringing quatlity product to market, especially compared to competitors.

Now you say: "the infrastructure having a management model built for the VMware world (our first steps have been integrating everything with the VC and ESX APIs) but more on that later".
You're such a tease! Can't wait to read about that.

Chad Sakac

Virtual_JTW - it's gonna knock your socks off!

Thanks for the comment on quality - we take it really, REALLY seriously.

Thanks for being a customer!!!!


Chad! The CX4 looks like the array we've been waiting for! We've made a big investment in 10GbE this past year (partly in anticipation of iSCSI). And the year before that we became 90% virtualized using VMware Server (moving to VI3 in Q4). The CX4 looks like the final piece to our data center puzzle. The problem is I don't think we're going to need more than 10TB of storage at first, do you think it's a good fit? The AX4 certainly looks like an appetizing option, but no 10GbE.

Chad Sakac

Zack, thanks for asking! You have to know that literally posts like your make our product teams smile - people like their baby. I do to, but it's not the same - it's like your mom telling you that your new baby is cute :-)

While I'm not on the sales side of EMC (i.e. I never use our quoting system), I can tell you (as I actually buy equipment for all these projects and to provide to VMware folks that need them) that the CX4-120 is very cost-competitive.

The modular IO complex definitely adds cost on parts/manufacturing, so its going to be while (certainly a generation) before that idea goes DOWN a category (i.e. the AX is an entry-class, but scalable array, the CX family is a mid-range array)

Seriously, what you should do is get a quote - from any EMC partner and come to your own conclusion. You can literally start with only a few drives, and no advanced features, then add capacity, features, and IO ports as you need them.

Find a partner this way:

Or, if you want to talk to EMC directly, you can call here: 866-438-3622.

Let me know how your VI3 and EMC deployment goes - and I hope to see you at VMworld!


Another great post. Part of me wishes you would post more. On the other hand the way it is now, I know that when you do post something it's more than likely going to be well worth my time to read it.

The timing on this announcement was great. I had a meeting scheduled last week with my TC and sales rep. As fate would have it one of my major topics to discuss was that I was starting to get a bit tight on capacity for my VMFS storage on our DMX (for replicated guests) as well as on my CX-300 (for non replicated guests). Of course this is happening sooner than we had hoped to be upgrading our DMX.

For the most part the guests on the DMX are not there for performance reasons. I think the CX4 gives me a perfect route to go where I can replace the CX-300 and move most if not all of the guests from my DMX to a CX4 as well as add capacity for a few years (hopefully) of growth.

It's looking like the CX4 will allow me to make this investment to provide for our current needs while being comfortable in the knowledge that we have the flexibility we need going forward.

As an added benefit I will be able to free up space on my DMX that can be reallocated to the mainframe and / or open systems application that share the DMX. This will probably add a year or more of life to the DMX.

The CX4 will dovetail quite nicely in my redesign of our Vi3 Infrastructure that I am planning to implement in the next 6 months.

The CX4 is another example that reaffirms my faith that we have made the right decision to align ourselves with companies such as VMware and EMC.

Chad Sakac

RodG - thank you - it means a lot to the people who build those products, the people who bring them to you, and those who service you.

It's our pleasure!

Also - FYI - your DMX now supports Virtual Provisioning (Enginuity 5773) - ask your team for an update discussion!

Roger Lund

Great post.

Roger L


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