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July 14, 2008


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Great article again! Thanks for the link!


Great article. Still working through some kinks with the plan for my HA deployment. One of the systems only has 3 nics and it is causing a warning message to appear for non-redundant SC networking. I don't like to place too much on one nic.

Question though - In your plan one nic would be on say 10.5.188.x and the second on 10.5.189.x for the best reliability? Do you still give static ips to both adapters? How do you handle the naming convention in DNS?


Chad -- great article - i have a good practical perspective now of how HA actually works

now I have long pending question - am hoping you can answer it for me

now lets say if a host gets isolated - we have configured isolation response to not poweroff machines - even in that case will other hosts in the cluster try to poweron the VMs on the isolated host ? - i think it does that - which beats logic to me - can we somehow configure HA to say if the isolation response is leave VM powered on - do nothing



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