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July 12, 2008


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Vaughn Stewart

Can I ask for a point of clarification in your demo? Is each Virtual machine (desktop) running on its own LUN? I ask as in you video you clone LUNs which results in cloned VMs.

Chad Sakac

Thanks Vaughan! In the demo shown above, we have two VMs in the orginal LUN, and we are absolutely replicating at the LUN level.

This has several significant downsides:
1) You run into the LUN limits of the ESX cluster (255-number of nodes in the cluster)
2) You need to start with more gold-images per container to avoid being limited by the LUN count (the tool does automate this too)
3) While all the LUN handling is managed via the tool automatically, so there is no management overhead, it's not "pretty" to have so many LUNs per cluster.

We're (and I'll talk to you about this at VMworld next week) working on our next major update around VDI, based on the "not so secret" stuff coming from VMware to make this even simpler, and lower the cost (and also resolve the problem of the storage management model - for VMFS and NFS use cases.

We're also working on leveraging the longer term secret stuff (I know you guys are working on these too) to hook in VM-level operations for block devices at the ESX kernel level.

More on both next week!!!!!

BTW - congrats to Dan Baskette for winning the 3rd place award in the VMware PowerShell contest for the PowerVDI tool.... Wait until everyone sees what's next :-)

How to facilitate the patch management of VMs by ONLY updating the Golden Image.

Wow, fantastic solution to save time and storage when VM provision. I'm wondering how to facilitate the patch managemnt of all the VMs by only operate the Golden Image(for WindowsXP)? Is it possible to install patch into the Golden Image, then the patch can be available to all the VMs? since all VMs are based on the same Golden Image by snapshot mechanism.

Thank you.

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